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Real Estate Farming, Simplified.

Traditional farming is a notoriously time and labor intensive process involving many hours of painstaking administrative tasks. When a homeowner does respond, the follow-up must be immediate or you can lose that lead you worked so hard to get. But follow-up adds extra layers of burdensome hands-on deskwork. Each hour spent managing your farm marketing robs you of an hour that should be focused on client service. Don’t undercut your own marketing campaigns by letting them deprive you of time spent meeting with homeowners and closing transactions.





Landing Pages

Harvist sends personalized and strategically timed marketing materials to homeowners through email, letters, postcards, and voicemail. Reach your target market with a personal touch that ensures your marketing messages are delivered directly to potential listing clients.

Completely automated.

Highly personalized.

Our Products

We offer two specialized products — Full Farm, and Absentee Owners — to optimize reach in your target segment of homeowners.

Full Farm

Target an entire geographic area with persuasive calls to action to sell, supported by quality content and market data.

Days Apart

Absentee Owner

Target homeowners who are 15%-20% more likely to sell with campaign messaging focusing on the pain points that these types of owners face when owning unoccupied homes.

Days Apart

Our Products

Our product is designed to help brokerages retain talent, increase productivity, increase listings taken which leads to more transactions, more brand recognition and much more.

Our marketing team fully understands the many franchise brands out there. With our company branding, we can help you develop your own specific tools that can help create listings that create more leads and more retention for your talent.

Our company is designed to help a team to grow, to help their associates have their own market share along with the team lead. Our materials are designed to have multiple people in a large team to be effective and to create more opportunities for the team to win.

Our tools are designed for any individual agent to position themselves to become the #1 agent in their area, by reaching out to clients on multiple levels and multiple times each month.

Our Proud Partners

And we offer more....


Full access to all phone numbers, emails, and data

We provide phone numbers and data on your entire farm, including multiple phone numbers and emails on your farm, automated. Hassle-free, no need to search and look for properties.


Automated voicemails, valuations & QR codes

A voicemail drop off from you, and a QR code that goes to your own landing page that offers a free current valuation — all automated!



You will be the only agent that will have that product in that area. We guarantee that no other user will farm the same product to the same APN or home that you’re farming.

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