Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Harvist streamlines real estate farming by automating marketing efforts, enabling agents to become market leaders with more time for clients. It offers a comprehensive system to reach homeowners effectively through various marketing channels.


Harvist provides real estate agents with targeted leads and data, focusing on specific geographic areas or property types like absentee owners and properties with notice of default, to enhance marketing efficiency.

Campaigns (General)

Harvist offers customizable campaigns for real estate agents, including options for full farm, absentee owners, and notice of default properties. These campaigns include a mix of print and digital touches, scheduled at regular intervals.

Campaign Touches (Letters)

The letters from Harvist are designed for easy reading, conveying professionalism and simplicity, and include QR codes for direct access to personalized landing pages for property valuation.

Campaign Touches (Emails)

Harvist’s email campaigns provide up-to-date real estate market information to homeowners, with options for customization and targeting both homeowners and their spouses.

Campaign Touches (Voicemails)

Voicemails offer a personal touch in Harvist’s campaign strategies, allowing agents to use their own voice to connect with prospects, with an alternative to send emails if preferred.

Campaign Touches (Postcards)

Harvist’s postcards feature agent contact information, real estate market updates, and QR codes that lead to personalized landing pages for free property valuations.

Campaign Touches (QR Codes/Landing Pages)

QR Codes on Harvist’s marketing materials direct homeowners to customized landing pages, offering them a free valuation of their property and a direct line of contact with the agent.


The billing FAQs detail the pricing structure for Harvist’s services, including costs for different types of campaigns and payment procedures for agents using the platform.

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