Frequently Asked Questions

Harvist offers three different types of farming campaigns, focused on: 1) Absentee Owners, 2) Notice of Defaults (NODs) and 3) Full Farms. Each is uniquely tailored to maximize homeowner engagement.

Go to and click the “Enroll” button at the top of the page. From there you can either sign up directly or have our Support team guide you through the process.

Once you’re enrolled, there is a 5‑day period for you to review materials Harvist sends on your behalf. After the 5‑day review period ends, your campaign will launch on the following 1st or 15th of the month.

You will be billed monthly based on the number of APN’s in your campaign. You may update your credit card information at any time under the billing tab in your Harvist dashboard.

While other agents may have active campaigns in the same farm area as you, they will not be able to target any homes in your campaign. The APN’s in your campaign are exclusive to your campaign, no one else’s.

Yes, you may include as many zip codes as you like.

Once your campaign is live, just click on the campaign to view the delivery schedule as well as to preview all the materials which will be sent out on your behalf.

Yes. You can choose between an assortment of templates, make edits, and/or upload your own designs for the various marketing materials.

Yes. Once your campaign is live, you’ll have full access to each property owner’s data, including names, addresses, and contact information.

You will have the power to disable any lead from the campaign at any time. (Or, someone from our Support team can do so for you.)

Campaigns are set to auto-renew upon their conclusion. Please reach out to our Support team if you do not wish to renew.

You may add yourself as an “Extra Recipient” to your campaign. This will ensure that you’ll receive the same materials as all of your leads. If something doesn’t arrive, there may be an issue with your campaign.