Meet the team

We have a fantastic and focused team, based mostly in Sherman Oaks, combining experienced tech startup veterans with real estate industry veterans.

Morgan Friedman

Chief Operating Officer

Morgan has run two digital agencies, operated growth teams under conditions of conditions of extreme pressure, and loves real estate. In his free time, he can’t get enough Nietzsche.

Zach Pomer

Marketing Director

Zach’s talents run the gamut from design to team building — and he’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. Zach has been specializing in the real estate industry for as long as he can remember.

Todd Liebman

Account Executive

Todd is relatively new to real estate but old, too old, for Account Management. He loves people, getting to know them deeply, understanding their challenges, and helping them overcome them.

Jessica Lee

Jack of all Trades

Jessica is new to real estate, but she is young and eager. She enjoys learning, being creative, and figuring out how to ensure high-quality products.

Known As “Iron Man”

VP of Engineering

Our very much beloved and very shy VP of Engineering is the quiet superstar that makes everything hum magically. Indeed, his software powers are so magical, that his Tetragrammaton-like name isn’t spoken, only whispered.

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