10 Practical Tips to Get More Listings Using Influencer Marketing

If you are a real estate agent looking for innovative ways to get more listings, this one’s for you. Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost your business. However, the common questions are the following: 

  • Who are you influencing?
  • What content should you share with the audience to be an influencer?

You can find a lot of crazy influencers out there, but the point is how to be an influencer yourself or find the best one to make your strategy work. You should also know how to implement influencer marketing to get more listings and grow your real estate business.

Here are ten practical tips to help you get more real estate listings using influencer marketing.

Define Your Goal       

What do you expect from influencer marketing?

Before doing influencer marketing, ensure you have defined your goal. Is it your website that you want to promote or social media platforms? You can use influencer marketing to promote both; however, it depends upon your preferences and requirements. Once you know your goal, you can choose the right influencer marketing strategy for your campaigns.

Go Viral

Going viral is one of the smartest ways of getting more real estate listings. Influencer marketing helps you put your content in front of a larger audience in the real estate market. It is highly likely to go viral on social media platforms when the audience starts sharing it with friends, family, relatives, etc.

Build Good Reputation

What do consumers want?

It’s simple. Consumers look for someone with a good reputation. If you want to establish your real estate business as a reputable one, make sure you choose the best influencers who are reliable and trustworthy. Even your real estate professionals, that is, the agents, must be honest and have relevant knowledge about the neighborhood.

Another critical question is, “How can you spread positive ideas about your business to build a good reputation?”

When consumers want real estate professional services, the first thing they do is Google them, and their reviews start popping up. People prefer to play safe while investing in the real estate industry to avoid significant losses. So, you can get reviews on Google from your friends, colleagues, or employees. You can also get testimonials from your clients to help you get more listings.

Get Backlinks

You can add links to your official site on any influencer’s blog or social media platforms. It will help you get more listings and boost your SEO ranking. 

Get Virtual Tours

You can hire influencer agents to record a home tour pointing out different things they like. They can then post these virtual tours on their social media platforms to help you reach new people who might be interested in buying real estate properties. It also helps build credibility that further attracts more buyers.

Host Events 

You can also host events for different influencers with a significant number of followers. It will help you build relationships with many credible and genuine influencers. You can hire one to create engaging content for the audience. It will help attract the audience by increasing your brand awareness.

Identify Your Target Audience

What’s your target audience?

You can’t use influencer marketing efficiently without identifying your target audience. Even influencers with a more considerable fan following might not be able to bring satisfactory results if their followers are not in your target audience. Since they will not be interested in your services, investing your resources to grab their attention will be useless. So, make sure you search for different types of influencers with different fan followings to make sure you choose the one that works for you.

Mark the Location

People search for real estate businesses or services based on their location or area. So, choose influencers with a local following if you opt to use influencer marketing to promote a specific real estate listing. This way, they would have more people in that area who know them.

Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Which social media platform should you choose to promote your listings?

Make sure you choose the right social media platform to post blogs, news, and updates about your real estate business. Different influencers operate in different social media platforms. You can work with those which are suitable for your business. 

Nowadays, Pinterest and Instagram influencers are more into posting pictures of real estate listings. YouTube is also the right social media platform to get more eyeballs on your brand’s page.

Pick a Content Type

There are different types of content, that is, blog posts, video interviews, press releases, promotional offers, product reviews, live streams of local events, and e-guides, which you can use in your influencer marketing campaign. However, you should pick the more valuable one to engage your target audience. You can try the mix of different content to see which one helps you get more listings. Also, remember to keep a track record of the feedback of different content for better comparison.

Key Takeaway

The right influencer marketing is bound to take you on the road to success. It might not break the bank, but it will help you get more real estate listings. However, you must know how to get it right by using the right tricks and methods. Lastly, don’t forget to keep a check and balance on your influencer marketing campaign to improve it further.