10 Things to Do and Not Do When Getting Your Real Estate License

If you want to build a career in the real estate industry, it is going to be both rewarding and challenging. As a real estate agent, you are going to be your own boss. You will have limitless opportunities to grow and secure your financial position. At the same time, it requires consistency and patience.

When it comes to getting a real estate license, make sure you don’t jump into it. Prepare a proper plan and strategy that lays down a solid foundation for your career. You shouldn’t be getting the license for the wrong reasons. Instead, be clear about why you need it.

Here are 10 dos and don’ts mentioned to guide you in getting your real estate license.

DOs: Get the Real Estate License “IF”…

Let’s first talk about the things you should do when getting your real estate license.

You Have a Proper Skillset

First of all, you should analyze your skillset to be sure that you are well-suited for this job. If your skillset doesn’t match the job description of the real estate agent, try to consider other career options that might be a better fit for you – no real estate license needed!

You Are Passionate About Real Estate

You must ask yourself whether you are passionate about the real estate business or not. If you don’t feel driven by it, you might get bored in between. Don’t mask hasty decisions. Instead, take your time, and think about it more deeply. 

Getting a license means investing your days (even nights!) to your real estate business. If this thought excites you instead of scares you off, you must go for it.

You Are Ready to Be Rejected

It is a job where you are going to be rejected anytime by anyone. If rejection doesn’t affect you, by all means, go ahead and proceed further to get a license. 

However, if you are quite emotional and are easily disheartened after someone rejects your proposal, offer, or services, think twice about getting your real estate license.

You Are Competitive

The real estate industry is highly competitive. You can only survive here if you know how to stand out from the rest. With thousands of agents in the real estate business, you are going to compete with each one of them every day to get a lead. If you think it’s something you can do, only then should you consider pursuing it as a career.

You Are Willing to Help People

As a real estate agent, you also have the responsibility to give something back to the community. Don’t do the job just for the sake of earning the big bucks. Instead, you should become a community expert to help people find a perfectly comfortable home. This is the most satisfying part of getting a license! If people are happy with your services, it is the cherry on top of your success.

You Want to Be Your Own Boss

If you cannot tolerate the tantrums of a boss, you must go and get a license to be your own boss. But remember, there won’t be anyone telling you to work. You will be managing your own schedule and workload, so make sure you’re ready to do it.

You Have Business Goals

Getting a license is simply not motivation enough. You must also have specific business goals and aims. Determine all the possible ways that can help you achieve your goal in the minimum time.

You Love to Meet New People

In the real estate business, networking is the key to success! After getting your license, you will have to meet new people every day, and that’s only possible if you love what you’re doing. Otherwise, you might get tired and start to feel drained every time you meet a new client.

You Don’t Want to Stop Learning

If you are eager to learn more and more to move forward in your career, you deserve to get a license.

DON’Ts: Don’t Get a Real Estate License ‘IF’…

Now, we will talk about the don’ts to see in which situations or conditions you shouldn’t get a license.

You Want to Become Rich

If your only aim is to become rich in less time, you will be only interested in looking for shortcuts. As a result, you might get bored and end up quitting the job sooner.

You Want to Have Unlimited Vacation Time

A lot of people are attracted to the real estate business because they have a misperception that they will get a lot of vacation time to enjoy. If that is what makes you want to get the license, you are going to be disappointed. 

Your success in real estate will be dependent on the time you invest in it. You’re not even getting any free time for at least a year or two.

You Fall in Love with Homes

If you’re someone who gets easily attached to anything, this job is not for you. For instance, if you get emotional every time you sell a home or you fall in love with every home you see, how are you going to sell it to the buyer? Love the process, not the home itself.

You Think “Anybody Can Do It”

Just because it seems easy doesn’t mean anybody can do it. If you want to get the license assuming real estate is an easy job to do, remember that it is not. You must have a proper working style, attitude, skill set, and a lot more to be able to manage your daily tasks efficiently.

People Tell You to Do This

People might tell you to enter into the real estate business only because you have a charming personality or they think you can do it. However, it is one of the most inappropriate reasons to enter this industry. If you couldn’t do well, these people won’t be there to offer you another job.

You Are Only Good at Marketing

Marketing is an important skill for real estate, but that’s not the only skill required to successfully run the business. If your decision is based solely on one skill, you are choosing the wrong path.

You Are a Part of a Good Team

Your personal success has nothing to do with the team you have. Even if you have a good team of like-minded professionals, you must have the proper skillset and ability as you will have to face different critical situations alone.

You Are a Hard Worker

A hard worker is not necessarily going to be a good real estate agent or broker. You might invest all of your time and effort into making your business successful, but if you don’t know how to work smart, your efforts will eventually be put to waste.

You Are Relying on Your Manager

If you’re relying on your manager, boss, or anyone to train you for the job, you’re just fooling yourself. Everyone will do his/her job and then switch to the next recruit. Independence is key in real estate success!

You Want to Please Everybody

If you want to please everybody, like clients, employees, colleagues, etc., you won’t be able to take the right and profitable decisions. While it feels great to serve people, not having the ability to say “no” will land you in hot water.

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