10 Ways to Impress Your Clients as a Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, you likely know that impressing clients is no piece of cake. It takes time, energy, and many other resources to wow your clients and make a lasting impression on them. Also, let’s not forget about the skill set you would need to win them over before your competition does.

That’s right, there’s no shortage of competition in real estate, and standing out here would demand ingenuity, among other things. If you’re new to the industry, this can be especially challenging!

A little guidance will go a long way, so we put together a few things that might be beneficial for you. Here, we’ll discuss 10 great ways to impress your clients as a real estate agent.

Offer Them Gifts

It doesn’t hurt to present your clients with gifts as a means to win them over. While this may not always be a feasible option considering the costs involved, it’s doable as long as you bear certain factors in mind.

For instance, if the cost of the gift is insignificant, buying it would be a worthy investment. Also, think about adding promotional material to your present. Your company name and logo could be added on the gift to help clients remember you.

You can give them the gift when they choose a home to move into. Likewise, remember to add a kind note along with the gift. Doing so will leave a lasting impression on your clients by making them feel good about their purchase.

Establish Business Relationships

Another way to help clients remember you is to establish a business relationship with them. How? It’s pretty simple. For starters, stay in touch with your client after your initial business with them is complete.

If you discover that they own a business, you could buy products or services from them. This would serve as a reminder of your existence to them every time you reach out.

Refer Them to Other Businesses

Moving into a new place can be challenging in many ways. If a client is moving in to a new city, state, or country, this is especially true. You could help them overcome some of these challenges by referring them to other businesses.

However, do this only if you trust the businesses you refer them to. For instance, if they need to buy furniture for their new home, you could refer them to a local furniture dealer you know to be reliable.

Help Them Build Connections

One of the biggest challenges of moving into a new place is establishing a network. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a professional or social network. It can be challenging all the same.

You can help ease your clients’ distress in this matter. You could introduce them to the people you know that are residing in the same area. In this way, you can help them learn more about their community members and hopefully help them make some friends.

They’ll likely be thankful for this and look upon you favorably, thereby increasing the chances of them contacting you again.

Recommend Professionals for Moving Day

Moving day can be stressful enough for your client without having to worry about calling in an organizer. Why don’t you take the liberty of doing the same for them? As a real estate manager, you likely know many movers and packers.

You could either recommend or contact them yourself to make things easier for your client. By giving them one less thing to worry about, you would have made moving a smoother process for your clients.

It’s not hard to imagine that they would appreciate your efforts in this regard.

Think About Their Needs

It helps to put yourself in your clients’ shoes when they’re moving into a new home. For the first few days at least, they may not find the time to buy essential goods. So, you could give them some of the same.

These essentials can include paper towels, soap, and other basic goods you may need. You could even give them disposable plates and cups to use for a few days.

Send Them Cards

Another great way to help your clients remember you is by remembering them. Following this tip is pretty simple. Just ask your clients about their birthdays and anniversaries. Next, make a note of the same and set reminders throughout the year.

Likewise, you can then send them cards to wish them well on their special occasions.

Introduce Them to Local Attractions

If your clients are moving into a new place, they won’t be familiar with local attractions and places of interest. Take them out sometime one afternoon or evening to show them around the place.

This can help them feel more at home when they move into their new home. It’ll also help them appreciate that you went out of their way to show them around.

Give Them Useful Local Information

You can give the clients useful information on the local stores and service providers to help them settle in. You could get the pamphlets and menus from local restaurants and other stores.

Even information on local Internet connectivity and other service providers would be useful. The same goes for salons and other such services.

Help Them With Cleaning Services

You can hire a cleaning crew before your client moves into their new home. It can help them focus on getting their furniture instead of worrying about cleaning. If the house they’re moving into is especially unclean, they would appreciate the gesture for sure.


As you can see, small gestures go a long way in helping your client remember you and your business. What matters most here is making the moving process easier for them.

After all, going the extra mile in your area of expertise won’t hurt in the long run. Instead, it will allow you to forge better relationships with your clients and boost your credibility.

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