11 Best Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate

Social media has the ultimate power to get more leads and make more money. Even the real estate industry is dependent on social media now more than ever. Real estate agents who use social media marketing tactics ultimately generate more revenues.

The best part is it won’t only help grow their real estate career but also attract potential customers to their official sites. If you also want to be one of those making the best use of social media, you can follow some smart tips and tricks!

Here is a list of tips that the top coaches and agents have put together to help the newbies.

Be Your Authentic Self

Social media marketing isn’t necessarily about boring listings and facts. You can make it more fun by adding variety to it. One of the best ways to do that is by being authentic on social media. Your social media account or page must amalgamate your interests, lifestyle, and real estate business. You can give the viewers an insight into who you are as a person other than showing your professional side to them. For instance, you can add behind-the-scenes videos with good tips and photos. This way, the viewers might be able to relate with you, which will further help develop a deeper connection with them.

Get a Professional Logo

Getting a logo for your real estate business is one of the basics that most agents and teams keep forgetting. However, to be successful, you must have a professional logo representing your brand values and goals. It won’t cost you thousands of dollars as you can get it done by any authentic online service. No matter, having a professional logo will improve your brand recognition and awareness among the target audience.

Write Great Titles and Captions 

Titles and captions on social media can be a game changer. The algorithms of social media use specific keywords to rank a particular post. It further defines the clicks and engagement a post will receive. So, it would take you nowhere if you don’t have a good enough title or caption for your post. 

Invest some time in your research to write captivating titles and captions. For instance, you can keep your title short yet catchy. You can also use numbers or brackets in your title to build curiosity. Some agents also create a sense of urgency in their posts through the titles to engage the audience.

Use Professional Marketing Tools

Some agents think they can play around with social media content without using professional marketing tools. Later, they realize it is not their cup of tea when it gets too late. Saving $50 a month will not help them grow their business. So, let’s not do what everyone else does. Find the best tools to make your content professional and engaging!

Measure Performance Level 

Successful real estate agents are the ones who keep a track record of their performance levels. They measure the results and improve their performance to achieve their desired goals. You cannot ignore the analytics of social media platforms and expect the results to be in your favor. Instead, you should analyze the trends to see what type of content and format attracts more audience and when your posts get the maximum views. Keep experimenting by posting different types of content at different times of the day or night to see which one performs better.

Use Humor

The use of humor can take your real estate business to another level. Social media is like an escape for many people who are fed up with their stressful lives, so humor can play a vital role in grabbing their attention. You can post memes and funny videos. It will show people that you are not just an average boring real estate agent but someone with whom they won’t mind having a beer. However, you must know how to use humor appropriately without offending anybody. Make sure you don’t use controversial topics to avoid bashing or adverse remarks.

Get on a Newer Platform 

Would you mind being the first realtor to start using any new platform? If you could be among those who first used Instagram or Facebook, imagine the number of followers you had today. However, it is never too late. You can start using any new platform like TikTok to promote your business in the best possible way! Learning to use these platforms might take time, but it will pay you off once you start building a following.

Remember the 80/20 Rule

According to the Pareto Principle, 80% of the results come from 20% of the efforts. This rule applies everywhere, that is, in advertising, marketing, and lead generation. Always keep this in mind while deciding to invest your time and resources in social media marketing for your real estate business.

Ask Questions from followers

You can ask questions from your followers through social media posts or stories to keep them hooked and encourage interaction. It will help you get more engagement and exposure. For instance, when you post a picture of a kitchen or living room, ask your followers what they would prefer to do there. This way, they will start imagining themselves living in that home. So, it is always better to have mixed posts on your social media that include everything from your lifestyle to your friends or family.

Send Invitation to Events

You can post stories about local events or festivals on your Instagram or Facebook account. Invite your colleagues or clients to the events via your social channels. This will be more effective than a static announcement of an event in the neighborhood!

Share a Summary or Conclusion

The viewers on social media are not interested in detailed analysis or studies of market data nowadays as it is too complicated to understand. All they want to know is what that implies or how it can help them to make an effective buying or selling decision. So, you can share the bite-size summaries or conclusions of a particular study with the audience.

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