5 Ways to Help Your Real Estate Listings Stand Out

According to Shyft, every year, 3 million Americans relocate interstate. Between May and August, 60% of individuals relocate. Thus, there’s currently a very high demand for real estate in the market! While that’s something to look forward to, how can you make your real estate listings stand out?

As a real estate agent, you want to help your selling clients as much as you can. Thus, finding the right formula to create a listing that stands out is essential. Here are a few tips that can help your real estate listings be more distinguishable!

Show a Lifestyle, Not Just a Home

Real estate brokers often make the mistake of merely presenting basic property facts in their listings. Although these features are important, they aren’t enough to persuade shoppers to purchase. As real estate brokers, you must present a clear image of their new house or neighborhood lifestyle. If the buyer wants to raise a family, they may want to know how the house may grow and change with them.

In your house description, mention how additional rooms may be used as nurseries, bedrooms, gaming areas, or dens. List the ways a buyer will benefit from buying the house. Remember, you want the buyer to imagine growing with the house, not out of it. Be imaginative and help people visualize themselves in the house.

Show Off the Neighborhood

Prospective buyers want to know more than simply the home. Location isn’t a cliché for nothing. Also, highlight the following:

  • Schools
  • Retailers
  • Footpaths
  • Starbucks
  • Agriculture
  • Landscapers
  • Local charities
  • Restaurants

When you show off the neighborhood, your customers feel like they belong!

Don’t Skimp on Home Staging

Imagine exhibiting two properties: One features new flooring, paint, cabinets, and kitchen basics, while the other contains couches, tables, carpets, vases, and other homey furnishings. Which listing will be most popular?

If you want your listing to stand out, hire a professional stager. By setting the house, you assist prospective buyers envision a certain lifestyle. It’s visually pleasant, so consumers may envisage living there. Your brokerage may link you with interior designers, stagers, and furnishing firms. If hiring a professional isn’t possible, use your own resources to stage the residence. Strategically placing mirrors may make a space look bigger.

Print Marketing Materials with Professional Photography

Aerial photos, drone videos, and virtual 3-D representations are improving real estate listings. Professional photography and print marketing materials may increase your listing’s popularity. Professional photography appeals to customers’ visual sensibilities, so they linger on web listings and print materials to examine every detail.

Professionally designed flyers, brochures, and direct mailers are vital for attracting consumers who aren’t browsing online. Make sure your printed brochures are ready for open houses and assist in selling the home.

Back the Listing with Great Service

Even with a great-looking listing and expertly created print materials, poor customer service might drive away shoppers. Always go above and above to deliver the greatest real estate services by properly communicating with customers and being accessible for queries.

You may show great service by following up with customers after purchasing. Ask your customers how they like their new house, propose repairs or services, and thank them again. These personal relationships might assist your company if customers suggest you to friends and relatives.

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