6 Effective Marketing Tips from Professional Copywriters for the Real Estate Agents

Since the entire world became digital, so did the real estate industry. It got affected by the trend set by the homeowners as they started searching for deals on the web. Now digital marketing is necessary for real estate agents to help them run their businesses successfully.

Here are six effective and simple marketing tips from professional copywriters to help real estate agents.

Website Copy

Since every business is going digital, the website has become the new face of companies in 2022. According to professional copywriters, the most common mistake that most people make is that they don’t include any ‘Unique Value Proposition’ on the homepage of their websites. It is known as “Hero Shot” for a reason. It will help grab the attention of every visitor who lands on your website. 

Some copywriters claim that it is the “ONLY” thing on the website that can make such a significant difference. You can assume that a person who visits your website will have only 8 seconds extra to spend. So, your website copy must be precise to make the visitor understand what it has to offer, who it is for, and why it is the best choice. It depends on how you do it, but it must help retain the brand’s value, voice, or culture.

Blog Copy

Blog content is one of the best ways of marketing as it can help you get more eyeballs on your site. However, the content must be well-written, appealing, easy to understand, and to the point. You must stop writing like others if you want your content to stand out. High-quality blog content can never go out of fashion or style. People are going to read it if it makes sense to them. 

Moreover, you can use an interesting question in the headline followed by a value delivered to the reader. Curiosity and relevance can be pretty helpful in keeping the readers engaged. Surprise the reader with the flow but don’t overwhelm them with the massive walls of text. You should use proper SEO-optimized headings and subheadings to break the content up. Also, use appropriate spaces, gifs, bullet points, images, and lists.

Newsletter Copy

The newsletter is a personal way of communicating with your clients. You get to talk to them one-on-one. The other best thing about a newsletter is that they don’t get affected by algorithm changes like other social media platforms. However, you must know how to use the newsletter effectively. 

You can divide your audience into different categories, i.e., cold leads, warm leads, and buyers. Cold leads are first-time subscribers, while warm leads refer to the ones who replied to you, subscribed, or have known your brand for a while. Buyers are the ones who have had the buying experience with your company and are more likely to buy in the future. 

Whatever type of newsletter you have, you must try to increase brand awareness. The brand copy and subject lines must also be your priority. The other best ways to make a better newsletter are to be conversational, provide value, be open, engage the reader, break the rules, be funny, use memes, make the reader feel welcomed, and so on.

Email Copy

An email needs to be opened first to get read. Even if you have written the best email, but the recipient is not interested in opening it, it will be of no use. Also, don’t forget the competition out there is vicious. Every individual would have an inbox filled with sales emails. But what kind of email would people like to open from the huge pile up in front of them? Of course, the one with the most unique and appealing subject line. So, you must create a ‘hook’ in the subject line to get the initial attention. However, the body of the email is equally important as it will help convert.

The top five things that can help yield high open rates include curiosity, urgency, relevance, value, and emotion. The strongest among all these is ‘curiosity’ as it is universal. No other factor like age, gender, or sector can affect it. The other common and important factor is the “Ego.” When you write personalized emails for the recipients, you satisfy their egos. It will make a significant difference in helping you get leads. Moreover, the email body must be concise, relevant, valuable, and clear to ensure it doesn’t mislead anybody.

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