7 Ways to Write Creative Real Estate Listing Descriptions

Are you wondering how to get more eyeballs on your real estate listing descriptions?

Writing a real estate listing description is undoubtedly challenging as it must entice the buyer to click on it. It must be creative and informative enough to stand out from the clutter on the Internet. Moreover, you should also be honest about the property’s flaws while writing listing descriptions. It doesn’t mean you need to highlight them, but you must own them and offer suggestions to fix them. Otherwise, clients will have unrealistic expectations, which can piss them off in the future when the reality turns out to be different.

If you want to know how to write a creative and high-quality real estate listing description, this guide will give you all the best tips to ensure that your listing generates sales.

Focus on the Title 

The first and most important tip for writing a real estate listing is to have a unique one-sentence title. It must be catchy enough to grab the attention of the audience.

You can see the best examples of real estate listing descriptions of different properties. A good title will focus on two things: 

  • Location 
  • Any unique property’s feature

For instance, “Hard to find, gorgeous two-story brick home located in the heart of Melbourne” is the best example that doesn’t only tell the buyer about the high-demand location of the property but also that it is a two-story brick home that is rare to find.

Include a Captivating Opening Statement   

After the title, another vital component of the real estate listing description is the opening statement. You can make it appealing by revealing important property details buyers would like to know. When buyers look at it for the first time, they must know what they’re looking at and why. It would make them keep reading to get an insight. 

You can also include the features of the property in the opening statement to win over the buyers. For instance, if the property size is large enough or the location is a plus point, you must write about it in the opening statement. Such details can help make buyers want to read more of it.

Use Great Photos

Photos play a vital role in the real estate listing description. Any potential buyer would be looking for the best-quality pictures, so ensure you don’t add small-sized, blurry, or unclear photos in the listing. Otherwise, it would only make the buyers run away and move to the next listing. So, you should use a good smartphone or camera to take pretty pictures from different angles. Also, don’t forget to use natural light while taking photos, as it can be your best bet.

Adjectives Are Important

You cannot underestimate the power of good and unique adjectives in your real estate listing. You can use these adjectives to create virtual images through your description. It would also help make a good first impression on buyers’ minds about the property before they even visit it. 

So, you can add words like bright, spacious, ultra-modern, upgraded, move-in ready, sensational, announcing, cozy, must-see, and so much more to add sparkle to your listing. Such words can make the buyers say, “Wow, I want to see this home; it sounds amazing.”

Check the Grammar!

If you want your listing descriptions to serve the purpose effectively, they must not have grammatical or structural errors. However, you don’t have to sweat grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. while writing the rough draft. It would only cause disturbance in the flow of the writing process. 

But once you are done writing, start editing the content without mercy. Be as critical as you can to make sure there are no errors that can take away the attention of the buyers from the features and other attributes you have mentioned in the listing.

Create a Compelling Call-to-Action

If you want the potential buyers to stay longer on your site, create a compelling call-to-action button to engage them. It will also help encourage them to click through to another page. Call-to-action is a golden opportunity to get the lead, so you can’t miss this one. It is like a high-tech version of “Call today” that used to be printed on old traditional TV or newspaper ads. 

The best creative examples of call-to-action buttons include “Search for Homes,” “Get a Free CMA,” “Download our free First-time Buyer’s Guide,” and so on. Such call-to-action buttons will make the buyers share their information or contact details that you can use further to target them. However, make sure you don’t go overboard on the CTA buttons. That will be enough if your landing page has three to five CTA.

Sell Experiences, Not Features

All the real estate listing descriptions would mention the best features to grab the attention of the buyers. However, you can hire a professional copywriter who knows how to sell experiences in the listing instead of features. 

For instance, most listings would describe a huge backyard, but you can sell an experience by talking about how much fun the buyers can have with their family while privately playing in such a big backyard. Similarly, if there is a balcony, your listing description must mention how it would feel to enjoy coffee on that balcony with family or any special one at the end of a hectic day.

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