9 Smart Questions to Ask Before Joining a Real Estate Team

Why be a loner when you have the option to join a team?

A real estate team is a new trend that most people in the real estate industry follow. It is a great way to alleviate the pains and troubles one might face as a real estate agent. So, you don’t have to be alone or disappointed while there is a chance to get support from the team. Having a team helps make your job less stressful in a lot of ways, and you also take advantage of mentorship opportunities for the agents to have a kickstart. What’s important is choosing the right team that will bring you further to success.

Here are a few questions you can ask before joining any real estate team to ensure that you are making the right decision.

What Is the Team’s Reputation in the Industry?

The mistake you will regret the most is associating yourself with a team with a bad reputation. It will hurt your career and your credibility in the industry. So, ask questions about the team’s reputation before joining it. Invest your time into research to learn about the experiences of past clients working with the team. 

You can also directly ask the team to provide you with some testimonials and referrals to see how many clients usually come back. A significant number of clients is insufficient if a team doesn’t have enough referrals. It would show that the team has been investing more time in marketing than building its reputation.  

What’s the Experience Level of the Team?

You must know the average experience level that the team members have. This way, you would also get to know which members are more experienced. Also, be knowledgeable of how long the team has been in the business to have an idea about their expertise. However, every old team doesn’t necessarily have to be the best one. You can also consider those relatively new teams with a great vision, skill set, mission, and goal. The team’s relationship with the brokerage can also make a significant difference, so you should get all of your questions answered before making a final decision.

Does the Team Have Any Social Media Presence?

No business can survive without a social media presence in today’s world. The teams you shortlist must have an active participation in social media. You can look at their social media accounts to get an idea about how regularly they post or interact with their followers. A team with a solid social media presence shows that it understands the importance of adapting to changes in this rapidly improving digital world. It also indicates that the team will be successful in the future.

What Does the Team’s Website Look Like?

A website helps create a first impression on potential clients. You can ask the team about its official website to see how it maintains the layout, content, and every little detail. The website must also look professional and up to date to grab the attention of potential clients. Moreover, it is better if the website gives visitors easy access to all the essential data and information.

How Does the Team Maintain Work–Life Balance?

Worklife balance is something you can’t put back if you want to be both successful and sane. So, you must know about the team’s worklife balance policies. Also, those policies must be realistic and practical. For example, if a team expects you to be available 24/7, it shows that it doesn’t even think about worklife balance in the first place. It might help boost your career in the short term, but you won’t be able to maintain it over time.

What Plan Does the Team Have for the Training and Education of Its Members?

If a team is unwilling to invest in its members’ training and education, it is not a suitable option to consider. On the other hand, if the team has a consistent educational program to further train and improve their member’s capabilities, it shows that the team is committed to obtaining success. However, it must also have suitable resources and benefits to make the plan work effectively.

Does the Team Have a Clear Niche?

If you don’t want to get lost in the field of competitors, join a team that has a clear and specific niche. For instance, a good team will focus on specific properties and buyers to ensure it doesn’t become a “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

What Policies Does the Team Have on Vacations?

Does the real estate team you join gives you the margin of being a human? Does it offer you a specific number of vacations when you need them? What if you get sick? You must find out all the policies a team has regarding taking a few days off. Also, you should know what restrictions or consequences you might have to face after taking too many days off if you get sick or in case of an emergency. 

What If You Have to Leave the Team?

No one would like to think about leaving the team while deciding to join it. However, it is better that you know of the team’s exit strategy or policy before even planning to join. For instance, you must know whether you will be able to take your clients with you after leaving the team or not. This way, you will know where you will be standing if you have to leave the team because of unforeseen circumstances. So, the exit strategy of the team must sound fair to you. If it doesn’t, you are free to find another suitable option.

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