AgentData Release Updates: 2023-04-06

Hi everyone!

Here at Team AgentData, we’re very happy you’re reading this because it means you’re following what we’re doing–yay!

In last week’s sprint, we released a few features but all smaller–and a lot of bug tweaks.

Let’s list some of the changes we made:

Some agents have been telling us that they’re required to use the particular legal disclaimers required by their brokerage. And in our default templates, you couldn’t edit the disclaimers. But guess what? Now you can!

We implemented the DMARC standard for our emails, to make them even more likely to arrive in the destination inbox.

We changed the cancellation fee structure, so that now, to cancel, you need either one month’s notice, or you can cancel immediately if you pay that one month fee. (The reason for this we send to the printshop the materials to be printed a few weeks before they arrive at the destination, so if you cancel today–we likely have already sent the next month’s batch to be printed already, and that’s not cancellable!)

We fixed a lot of bugs, as well, and some of them include:

If a campaign was cancelled, you could still change its settings. There’s no point to that, because the campaign was cancelled!

If you cancelled a campaign, you previously still saw a button to re-enable it–but it was cancelled (not paused!). So that button is no longer there. Note that pausing a campaign is different than canceling it.

Remember how we have the functionality to upload a spreadsheet with addresses, and we’ll add them all to your campaign? We discovered that if your spreadsheet you uploaded had blank rows, that caused some problems. That’s now fixed.

And many more!

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