AgentData Tech Update (2023-05-05)

Hey everyone!

I know you’ve been on the edge of your seat for the last two weeks: what has the AgentData team released next? Well finally, deep fulfillment and happiness can come because here is our latest release notes!

Let’s jump right in to some new features we released:

– The most important feature this week is one you can’t see: Typescript. This is basically a method to check the software that helps detect errors before they happen. Specifically, in software, you can define “variables” (a placeholder for a number or a phrase, for example) but usually any variable can be anything under the sun. But typescripting forces you to make sure this variable is always a number, that variable is always words, and so on. This prevents a substantial number of errors. And in fact, had this been implemented long ago – we would have detected some errors we had had, before they happened.

– With NOD (Notice of Default) campaigns, we’ve had the problem that there are so few NODs, that it is hard to find them to create a campaign. As a result, we’re announcing a feature where multiple people can have the option to target the same NOD unit. Each one, however, needs to receive a different design, so that the targets don’t know who is behind them!

– We added in Sentry integration to track error handling two weeks ago – I’m sure you read and remember that, right? Well! But there is a certain type of email bounce that wasn’t being captured as an error… and now it is.

– Some users have been asking us for the feature to preview their custom postcards. But guess what? That feature was already there, just hidden. Now we’ve added a tooltip suggesting that users preview their custom postcards. Previewing them helps minimize errors.

– One of the most important changes in this round is that now we tell users how many APNs are available or taken in an area. That gives them a sense of how big their target area is, when they’re creating the farm.

– One of our partners had an outage that prevented some cards from being sent. So what did we do? We implemented a method so that, if there is an outage on a partner’s system that prevents materials from being sent… then it will automatically get reprocessed and sent later! Voila!

We’re working on a few other items in this sprint that weren’t ready in time but will hopefully be ready next sprint, in two weeks, most importantly… dum de dum… campaign renewals (what happens when a campaign finishes after a year?).

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