Effective Strategies to Create the Best Social Media Content for Real Estate

Investing in a property is the most significant financial decision anyone could ever take. It comes with many questions for which clients look up to their real estate agents for answers. They expect their agents to look out for their best interests. Moreover, they want the proper guidance and advice from agents to better understand the complexity of the process.

The relationship agents have with their sellers, buyers, and renters is critical. That is where social media comes in. If an agent knows how to use it properly, it’s a great way to establish a deeper connection with the clients and even forge new relationships!

If you’re a real estate professional looking for the best strategies to win at real estate social media marketing, keep reading as this one is specifically made for you!

Here is a list of seven effective strategies to help you create the best social media content for your real estate business.

Create Customized Content for Each Platform

The first and most important strategy is to create customized content for each social media platform separately. No content can fit all platforms perfectly. For instance, you will need videos or imagery with a little narrative for Facebook. The broadest type of content will work for Facebook but not for all other platforms. So, make sure you choose your topic and content according to the platform’s audience. If you have to tailor your content to publish it on other platforms, go for it, as it will do wonders for your real estate marketing.

Use Images or Videos as Much as Possible

Social media posts with images have a 94% higher engagement rate than others. Likewise, 9 out of 10 consumers prefer to watch videos instead of plain images. According to a study, viewers are more likely to hold on to 94% of the information they find in a video.

So, what’s the bottom line?

It is simple. People want more videos as they are more memorable. So, when you step into social media marketing, ensure that you’re ready to put your time and effort into making images and videos for your social media content. Otherwise, you’re going to miss out on amazing benefits.

Have a Clear Goal or Purpose

Your business plan must have a clear goal to ensure that it aligns with the content you share on social media platforms. Many real estate professionals create the same content they want to see online. However, you should share content that supports your business objectives. Likewise, try to visualize what your audience wants and needs.

Your social media content aims to get more leads, engage the audience, and convert them into potential buyers. So, every time you decide to post social media content, ask yourself, “How will it get me closer to my business goal?” If you think it will not take your business anywhere, you must rethink the idea of your business strategy altogether.

Take Help from Reliable Pros

You might not have the expertise and skills to create every type of social media content. Instead of stressing out, you can find a social media agency that can help you. This way, you can get customized social media content to share weekly or monthly. However, you must ensure that the content is based on the overall social media marketing strategy you have developed.

Trigger the Emotions of Users

Nowadays, most social media content is designed to trigger user emotion. Effective marketing strategy is not what makes users do something but one that encourages your audience to feel something. Emotion is vital in making your social media marketing strategy successful for your real estate business. Make sure you play it carefully without hurting the sentiments of your users. Your aim should be to make your users feel motivated, excited, or empowered, as these emotions or feelings are mostly translated into actions.

Don’t Try to “Go Viral”

Creating content that goes viral seems like a trend nowadays. However, just because everybody’s doing it doesn’t mean it is the right strategy for your social media marketing. It is a shortcut to getting more engagement and sharing in minimum time. However, it will not be equally effective in the long run. So, it must not be a part of your strategy at all. 

Instead, try to focus more on creating high-quality and consistent content that is worth reading or watching. It must provide value to the users as they spare time to see the content you post. Moreover, it should have a proper outcome or next step that you can use to measure the success of your real estate business.

Produce Varied and Quality Content

High-quality content is not always what a user might be looking for. It sounds crazy not to focus on the quality of the social media content, but try to hear us out. If all of your social media content has premium production quality, not everyone would be able to relate to that. It would only end up creating a barrier between you and the users.

What are you supposed to do then?

It means you must create social media content of different quality levels on every platform. For instance, highly polished content like property listings is more suitable for Facebook. But for TikTok, mid-level content like the videos from your favorite restaurants would be more appropriate. As for Instagram, you can use low-level or lightly polished content, that is, BTS (behind the scenes) photos or videos while working in your office or some random candid shots.

It might sound like a lot to take in initially, but it will save you from a lot of trouble in the end and will pay off in the future. Also, remember that it’s your real estate business that you are trying to run and it’s not just a hobby. Thus, invest as much time in it as possible without any second thought. 

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