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Harvist offers two different types of farming campaigns, focused on the following: absentee owners and full farms. Each is uniquely tailored to maximize homeowner engagement.
Yes. You may include as many zip codes as you like.
Basically, an APN (Assessor’s Parcel Number) is a real estate unit. The APN is a unique number assigned to real property by the tax assessor of the property’s jurisdiction. The APN is useful for record-keeping and is often used in valuation assignments to identify the subject property.
We love to be transparent with our clients! Over the past year, our churn rate has been around 15%. This means that out of every 100 clients, about 15 have chosen to unsubscribe. While we’re always striving to improve and reduce this number, we’re also encouraged that 85% of our clients continue to find value in our services and remain with us. We see this as a strong indicator of our commitment to providing quality real estate services and maintaining client satisfaction.
We’re a small startup, and we are currently in a paid beta with a few hundred paying users.
With every startup, we’ve encountered issues, but we specifically look for hiccups to improve our product and make sure our system is as user friendly as possible. As one example, some users told us that the first touch wouldn’t be mailed for a few weeks after they signed up. As a solution, we added an additional first touch that goes out immediately upon signing up! Our support team works closely with our users to identify and solve hiccups.
Users can filter by Property Type, Square Footage, Number of Bedrooms / Bathrooms, and Years Since Last Sold.
No. At this time, all campaigns will follow the same delivery schedule.
Minimum: 500. Maximum: above 2000, you have to ask the support team to unlock it.
No. The current campaign would need to be canceled, and a new campaign would be created. You can change it at the end of the year.
1 year (1 touch every 2 weeks).
No, but you can upload all your own materials/designs in your language of choice!
Our talented team of copywriters handles the writing for our letters, emails, and other communications. They are experts at crafting effective and engaging content that aligns with our brand’s voice and resonates with our recipients.
No. Our data provider doesn’t provide that information.
Yes, but the “Farm Area Name” will be printed on all materials, so different “Farm Areas” should be in separate campaigns. We recommend separate campaigns.
Apart from the general configuration in your marketing profile, which separates you from other agents by having your unique personal contact, photo, logo, and brokerage, you can customize the text of the emails and letters and even record your own voicemails. If you’d like, you can also upload your own customized materials or choose one of our templates.
Yes, on the APN (one property) level. We do not have exclusivity in a neighborhood, but you can use the full farm to get all of the APNs in that neighborhood.
No. The current system sends out 1 email, 1 postcard, 1 voicemail, and 1 letter per 2 months.
Yes, although you would be responsible for providing the co-branded image and logo.
No. A single username/password would need to be shared by the team members.
Yes. A notification email is sent out 5 days before a touch is scheduled to go out.
Yes. Users can upload a file with parcel numbers and zip codes instead of drawing a shape around a geographic area to create a campaign.
No. Our system does not pull the turnover ratio at this time.
The system can and does send email notifications 5 days prior to it’s delivery (for digital touches) or processing (for physical touches) dates.
Not at all! The whole point of the system is that it is 100% automated after your initial setup, which can be as quick as 15 minutes or as detailed as you like.
No. These are not visible to you because they are taken, but you can see which ones are available and any areas on the map that have none or almost-none available.

At this time, we don’t know the details of how often our data provider updates APNs. 

For brand new campaigns, APNs are fetched fresh from our data provider when the campaign starts. For auto-renewal campaigns, we always fetch new email and phone number data for the campaign’s APNs. However, property data for those APNs is only refetched for APNs that were sold during the duration of the campaign.

In the annual renewal, we update all the APNs in the area to add in any new ones that became available during that year.

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