Harvist to Increase Prices for First Time in 3 Years

Let’s jump right into the meat of it: Inflation, inflation is everywhere — including in Harvist’s own costs. So, as of June 1st, 2024, Harvist is raising our prices for the first time in three years — and adding a bunch of new discounts, features, and bonuses as well. Let’s dive into the detail.

As of June 1st, our new cost will be $1.25 per APN per month, unless you or your team has 3000 or more APNs, in which it will reduce to $1.10 per APN per month. This increase is the first increase in the last three years and indeed, the first since Harvist was founded. Our printing, our postage, our human resources costs have all been booming, and our goal is to create not only an amazing product but a sustainable business and team, so we are keeping apace.

However, there are a few details in which our users will be able to access the new, discounted price ($1.10/APN/month), and these include: all existing users will, as a perk and bonus and thank you, be upgraded to the discounted price upon the renewal, at the end of the term of their annual contract, EVEN IF you don’t reach the 3000 APN minimum. This is as a “thank you” for being a loyal user.

Also, since signing up with Harvist is a one year annual commitment–we are of course continuing with the existing prices for the remainder of your contract. So lucky you, all users who signed up just a few days ago! :)

As always, our product and service is getting better and better; we’re adding new features with every new release every two weeks. Recent features we’ve added include:

  • You can choose your template, with over 8 new templates to choose from, and about 1 new template per month being added.
  • We’ve improved our technology to avoid emails being placed into the “spam” folder; this includes some fun AI technology we’re implementing!


All in all–we’re growing fast and keeping our price at the low end of the spectrum.

You can read more about our pricing in detail here.

Does Harvist sound like it might be interesting? Just drop us a line – we’d love to talk to you!

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