Hello, world!

So finally… finally!… a labor of love is being born for the world to see.

Okay, maybe this isn’t quite the right metaphor: we’re not live yet. Not yet ready for the world to see. Maybe it would be closer to the truth to say… we are 8 and a half months pregnant?

It’s been quite a struggle–be prepared for a lot of frank and blunt commentary from the inside. (We talk to people the way we want to be spoken to: respectfully, clearly, and directly.) Developing software is hard, in general. Taking awesome internal systems and scaling them and working through every obscure edge case isn’t child’s play.

But, while not fully public, we are ready to allow anyone who wants to test it out, to play it with–so long as you cross your fingers and promise us to give us real feedback, so we can work on it and improve it until it is the awesomest thing since Betty White (RIP.)

But let’s step back for a moment: what exactly is Harvist?

We’ll describe it in detail over a series of upcoming posts, but there are a few short ways I’d say it. The first is the tag line we’ve been thinking about:

Tech, Tools & Traction for real estate agents playing for the long-term.

What do you think? I kinda love it!

But that’s really general; what does it mean? Well, that means:

Personalized real estate farming & follow-ups… on auto-pilot.

Does that whet your appetite? I hope so. Just drop us a line if you want to know more–or stay tuned over the next posts over the next days or weeks.

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