How to Add More Value to Your Service as a Real Estate Agent

How can you add value to your service as a real estate agent when there is a constant increase in competition? It is a common question that pops up in the mind of everyone in the industry as they continue to fight a constant battle to stand out. Unfortunately, most clients are not even willing to pay them. So, they need to go the extra mile to get leads. However, the question that remains is “How would they do that?”

The answer is “It depends on the real estate agent.” If he is willing to put in some effort in creating a proper strategy, he can easily secure value with his clients.

If you are also one of those real estate agents who are looking for different ways to generate leads, keep reading. This one’s for you!

Here are a few ways to help you add more value to your service as a real estate agent. However, the final decision is always up to you – and we’re definitely not one to judge! We’re just here to guide you through a few useful ways to stay at the top.


Knowledge Is Power, then Why Not Use It?

Knowledge is the power that you can use to resonate with your client. As a real estate agent, you must give all the important information to your client while discussing the home buying or selling process. In the beginning, when a client comes to you, he would most probably have a blank mind. To provide some clarity, tell him about these three important things:

  • What he should expect from the overall process
  • What steps he should take further
  • How to determine the market value of a home before making the final buying or selling decision

Keep it simple and straight to the point so they don’t feel overwhelmed with all the information you’re about to present. It won’t only make the client grateful to you, but he’ll be sure to recommend you to other people as well.

Pricing Correctly Is the Best Skill That You Can Learn and Use

Pricing a home correctly is the best skill that you can learn to add value to your service. It has nothing to do with the number of projects you have done in the past. So, yes you got it right – you are lucky enough to price a home correctly without even experiencing it before! Let me put it this way: even an experienced real estate agent might not be able to price a home correctly (which must be a sigh of relief for you!).

So, don’t lose any hope, and try to give the best estimate of the home’s market value to your client. To provide a reasonable price, make sure you have conducted a thorough research beforehand. Spend enough time gathering the information before giving any advice to the client.

Property Value Is Not Fixed; It Can be Increased

Every client would want his property to have the maximum value to get a good return. You can help your client increase the value of his home before putting it up for sale. Here’s what you can do to make the property appealing to the buyer:

  • Renovate
  • Change the setting
  • Add furniture
  • Declutter

There’s so much more you can do, and it will definitely help get more selling points for your client’s property. This is something a client will never forget, and he will soon have you reaping the fruits of your labor.

The Right Home Staging Will Attract Multiple Offers

There are a lot of smart tips and tricks that you can try for the staging of your client’s property. For instance, you can make use of a camera or hire a professional photographer to capture the beautiful images of the property. Having great pictures will make it more presentable in ads – and to the ones browsing through them as well! Good lighting, a specific angle, and some more aspects can help get the desired results of professional photography (trust me, it’s fun!). Above all, it will help your client get multiple offers.

A Written Offer Can Eliminate All of Your Client’s Doubts

A written offer will always have a huge positive impact on the client. You should include every important point of the deal in writing to clear your client’s doubts. Transparency helps eliminate the chances of misunderstandings and disputes (which no one wants – trust me!).

Getting a Follow-Up Is a Blessing for the Client

A real estate agent who is interested in getting a follow-up is no less than a blessing for a client. Thus, always keep a check on your client to see how far the process of buying or selling has gone. Your client might also forget deadlines (human as they are!), so you can send him a gentle reminder before any important step should be made.

Listing e-Alerts Can Help Convert Leads

You can set up both real estate buyers and sellers on listing e-alerts. Aside from keeping your client up to date with the latest pricing trends, listing e-alerts will allow you to stay in touch with them. With listing e-alerts, your client will have an idea about his property value by browsing through  different properties which are currently up for sale. He would know when it’s best to list his home to get the best deal possible.

Be a One-Stop Shop

Buying and selling a home is a huge process that involves a lot of hassle like moving out, hiring a moving service, getting conveyancing quotes, and so much more. You can offer multiple services to your client at a reasonable price to add to their ease and convenience. It will also help develop brand loyalty, and your clients would start relying on you to achieve their milestones. Sounds like a walk in the park! What are you waiting for? Just go for it without further delay!

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