How to Know Whether You Should Hire a Fantastic Personal Assistant or a Buyer’s Agent

Wondering whether you should hire a personal assistant or a buyer’s agent? If you’re a real estate agent and have a lot of things on your plate, you should consider hiring a personal assistant first rather than the buyer’s agent. 

An assistant can help free up some of your time and allow you to invest in improving both your sales and quality of life. However, a lot of real estate agents end up committing the mistake of hiring a buyer’s agent first which they usually regret later.

What Can Personal Assistants Help With?

Here are a few key points mentioned to show why a personal assistant is necessary before taking in a buyer’s agent.

Schedule Appointments and Set Reminders

The number of appointments real estate agents have are quite overwhelming! Because of this, most agents fail to mark their calendars for important meetings. If you can’t set appointments consistently, it’s safe to say that the path to being a successful real estate agent becomes blurry. 

At this point, a personal assistant can help you block your calendar for the most important occasions. By giving your personal assistant a calendar management task, among others, they can fill your calendar with potential leads, closings, home showings, partnerships, interviews, meetings, and a lot more. 

Just as well, make sure your assistant also sets reminders for every important date so you can free up some of your time beforehand. 

Take Care of Little Transactional Details 

With your leads coming in at rapid fire, there’s only so much you can do to keep up. Sometimes, you’ll hardly have time to manage previous transactions, send follow-ups to parties, and anticipate upcoming tasks. It won’t only harm your reputation in the market, but you might also end up losing your clients’ trust. 

A personal assistant can help manage even the tiniest details of your transactions. You won’t have to worry about anything at all!

Help Improve Your ROI for Selling Homes

Authentic real estate personal assistants can help you earn more money for every home you sell. They will be getting a fixed commission, let’s say $25 for every home they show you. This way, they are encouraged to help you get more leads to earn more commissions in the end.

In this case, you should also be open to training your assistant for a few months. This will help them produce better results and, in turn, help you grow your business. Show them how to secure at least 3 to 4 real estate listings every month and see the magic happen!

Sell Homes Faster Than You

With your personal assistant being busy showing homes to the buyers or leads you’ve already secured, you can finally invest time in the growth of your business. Meanwhile, you can also spend time searching for more potential buyers and better deals.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, the next most important thing to do is to hire a buyer’s agent along with your assistant. 

What Can Buyer’s Agents Help With?

Here’s how buyer’s agents become valuable in your real estate business.

Help Find the Best House

Successful buyer’s agents look at multiple houses every day. They know exactly what aspects to look for when finding a perfect house. 

As an agent, you might not be aware of the red flags that you need to avoid. However, buyer’s agents can easily identify the potential problems in a house like structural issues, roofing issues, leaks, insect issues, mold issues, and others that need to be fixed immediately.

Secure Financing

Buyer’s agents know how to secure financing according to the circumstances. They are also aware of different financing options and can help you decide which type of mortgage is best for your real estate business. Moreover, with a wide network of mortgage brokers, buyer’s agents can help keep your financing secured through them.

Plan Home Stagings

Home staging is one of the most overlooked tasks buyer’s agents can perform. It can even make or break your whole deal! Home staging is tricky and confusing, so when you hire buyer’s agents, make sure they know what they’re doing.

If you are planning to buy multiple houses, buyer’s agents will secure your chances of viewing all the properties. You don’t need to take a lot of phone calls and emails to get all the relevant information for every property you visit. Your buyer’s agent can do it for you!

Help Write Contracts

Don’t underestimate the importance of written contracts when buying or selling houses. 

Because contracts are very crucial, buyer’s agents have studied them carefully and are mostly aware of its ins and outs. A buyer’s agent can help make sure your contracts are airtight and ensure that you won’t be facing any conflicts or disputes with your customer.

Moreover, buyer’s agents can help you with other essential parts that must be included in your contract. They can guide you in making the best contract to present an astounding offer to the seller. 

Make sure to hire a great buyer’s agent, because if your contract is not properly written and lacks all the important information, your offer will surely be rejected.

Negotiate On Your Behalf

Buyer’s agents can also negotiate on your behalf. You must hire a top-notch buyer’s agent who can negotiate the best price depending on the following:

  • The type of house you are trying to buy 
  • The current state of the real estate market

For instance, if you want to buy an overpriced house, a buyer’s agent also can help you make an attractive offer for this.

To Sum Up

As a real estate agent, you should consider hiring a personal assistant first. After reaching a certain level in your career, you can then consider hiring a buyer’s agent. 

A personal assistant and a buyer’s agent play different roles to your business. Thus, make sure to manage your expectations and think deeply before making any decisions.

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