Introducing… Harvist

We’re filled with happiness — with ticker-tape parades announcing the exciting news! — that your beloved favorite automated farming service Agent Data will now be known as “Harvist.”

Why the name change?

While Agent Data represents well our focus on real estate Agents, and our secondary focus on Data — we found that it didn’t capture the heart of the real estate “farming” experience. It implied to everyone that we’re a data analytics platform and we got tired of saying, over and over, “No, we’re not just data analytics, we’re really about getting you listings!”

On top of that, from the moment we heard the name “Harvist” – we fell in love with it:

It goes directly to the farming metaphor, at its heart.

It’s not just farming — but it’s the point during the farming cycle when you get the fruits you’ve been growing — and that is just the right image for us.

And the fun spelling, with an “i” rather than a “e” implies the Latin “vista” meaning “seen” — this is the platform to see what is happening. Buena Vista, indeed!

You might be wondering: is anything else changing in The Project Formerly Known As Agent Data?

And the answer is “yes — but only for the better.” Along with this rebranding, we’re launching a few new features. Indeed, so many changes are happening on the back-end that it is feeling like a new platform to us. Specifically:

  • There are now multiple design templates to choose from, each with a very different design (and we’re adding new ones at a rate of about one per 3 weeks.)
  • We’re changing the system to work on a calendar basis, implementing the much-requested feature, “Can I make sure this card goes out around Christmas?” and to otherwise coordinate mailings with calendar dates so it can tie in to what’s happening in the world.

And much more. This is just the start. Stay tuned for much more — we’re here for the long-haul, and our systems are better by the week — so buckle down for more releases coming very soon!

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