Introducing March Software Updates: Enhancements, Customizations, and New Templates

We’re thrilled to announce the latest software updates, packed with exciting features and improvements to elevate your experience. In this update, we’ve focused on enhancing customization options, streamlining processes, and introducing fresh design templates to empower your campaigns. Let’s dive into the details:

Email Subject Line Editing

Have you ever wished to tweak your email subject lines? Now you can! With our latest update, you have the flexibility to edit email subject lines, giving you more control over your communication strategy.

Modifications for Enhanced Campaign Management

  • Expanded Campaign Prospects Export: Exporting campaign prospects now includes all emails and phone numbers, providing comprehensive data for your outreach efforts.
  • Reduced Mailing Time for Your Physical Touches: We’ve streamlined the process by reducing the number of days before a letter/postcard touch date from 13 days to just 6 days, enabling quicker turnaround times for the mailing of your physical touches in advance of the touch delivery date. 

New Customization Options

  • Email Signatures: Email signatures now have your team and brokerage logos by default, adding a professional touch to your email.
  • Letter Signatures: Listening to our user’s feedback, we enlarged the letter signatures to make them easier to read. 
  • Light-Themed Logo Variants: Individual agent and brokerage admin users can now upload light-themed variants of team and company logos. These variants are especially useful for certain postcard designs, ensuring consistency and aesthetic appeal across your marketing materials.

Enhanced Notifications

  • QR Code Scanning Alerts: You now receive instant notifications whenever a QR code linked to your campaign is scanned, allowing you to track engagement in real-time.
  • Consent Form Submission Notifications: A new notification will be sent to you to help you stay informed with dedicated notifications when consent forms are submitted, ensuring compliance and timely follow-ups with leads.

Fresh Design Templates

  • Introducing Luxury and EU Luxury Templates: Elevate your campaigns with our newest luxury templates, designed to exude sophistication and elegance.

With these updates, we aim to empower you with greater flexibility, efficiency, and creativity in your marketing endeavors. We’re still growing and updating, so stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future!

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