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You will have the power to disable any lead from the campaign at any time. In addition, someone from our support team can do so for you.
Yes. Once your campaign is live, you’ll have full access to each property owner’s data, including names, addresses, and contact information.
We subscribe to various databases, both privately compiled lists and government lists, and public lists that we collate together.
We pull data from several sources and refresh the information each month to ensure it’s current. Additionally, when we have multiple phone numbers and/or email addresses for one homeowner, we send touches to each of them to maximize reach.
Since almost no contacts are ever disabled (this is an uncommon case), we have not yet automated that in our software. But if you contact support, we can do that for you. Eventually, we will automate it.

Data is real estate market information hyper-local to APN, pulled from multiple sources.

No. It is pulled at the time of campaign creation and updated when the campaign is renewed annually.
At this time, we show statistics for the number of QR code opens and form submissions. We have the statistics for the number of email opens and replies, but we do not show which lead did it.
Yes! We have the statistics for the number of opens and replies.
We pull fresh data whenever you start a new campaign. For renewals, we always pull fresh data once the campaign renews to ensure that you have the most updated contact information.
Yes. This would need to be requested for the support team to manually create a CSV of addresses and provide the agent with a file to upload to the add-on properties section when creating a campaign.

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