Nine Useful Tips for Google Ads to Get More Leads for Your Real Estate Business

If you are a realtor, you must realize the importance of Google Ads for the growth of your real estate business. There are a lot of valuable tips and tricks to set up Google Ads that can help you generate more leads and improve your conversion rate. The more wisely you act, the more return you can get from your investment in Google Ads.

Here are nine helpful tips to help you get more leads for your real estate business through Google ads.

Set Your Budget

Make a proper budget plan and choose the market according to it. If you have a tight budget, you can go for the smaller market to get the less expensive leads. Consider it a trial and error thing. Make your site as compelling as possible to lower the cost per lead. If your site is less appealing, the lead cost will increase. So, try different approaches to see which one is suitable according to your budget plan.

Target the Right Audience   

You must target the right audience to make your Google Ads successful. Google Custom Match is a tool that can help you build an audience based on the information it gets from users, like Gmail ID, YouTube or Google search, contact numbers, locations, and more. The more information you have about your users, the more it will help you target the right customers. You can also make the best use of different properties of Google to reach a broader audience and increase the possibility of getting new leads and customers.

Choose Your Campaign Type and Goal         

Be specific and clear about the type of campaign you want. Moreover, you should have a particular goal or objective you want to achieve through the ad campaign. For instance, you can choose Search, Performance Max, Display, Shopping, Discovery, Video, or any other type of campaign that you want to make your real estate business successful. You can also choose one goal from the Google Ads program, that is, website traffic, leads, sales, brand awareness, app promotions, and more. Once you have an explicit type and goal, you can easily understand the requirements and outcomes of the campaign.

Select Audience Segments Wisely

You can select the audience segment that you want to see your real estate ad. You will have multiple options for audience segmentation, like “People interested in rental properties” or “People looking to buy commercial properties.” The selection of audience segmentation is dependent on your needs and requirements. For instance, if you have a single house to sell, you can choose “In-Market Segment for a new house for Sale.” It will help save a lot of time, energy, and money you might have wasted otherwise.

Use Real Estate Keywords

If you want your Google Ads to get in front of more relevant people, you must use the right real estate keywords. They must be based on the search terms people enter in the browser for a real estate property. When you set the right keywords in your real estate Google Ads, your ad shows up to those who use the same term to search on the browser. This way, the chances of getting leads and conversions increase. So, make sure you bid on the right keywords against other realtors or real estate businesses. It will eliminate the risk of spending money on irrelevant clicks.      

Use Google Extensions

You must use Google extensions to improve the conversion of ads. Google will automatically determine which extension will work for your specific type of Google ad. There are multiple types of extensions, though, that you must know about. “Sitelink Extension” is the best one that divides the market into smaller units. It helps get more traffic than the actual ad. The other is the “Call out extension” that appears below the Google ad. It isn’t clickable. Instead, it only gives users more insight into your services and promotion. “Call Extension” is another effective extension that allows users to call you with just one click. It can help get high-quality leads in less time.

Make a Unique Offer

You can create a unique selling proposition to make your offer more appealing to potential buyers. You can mention details and specify the information to attract more viewers. For instance, if you enter a “limited-time” offer to the ad’s headline, it will create a sense of urgency among people. They might go and tell other people about it. 

It is not everybody’s cup of tea to create unique and appealing real estate ads; however, it is possible if you have the proper assistance and guidance of a mentor or expert. You must also try different options to see which works best for you at the most affordable price.

Increase Credibility

The information and contact number you provide to your clients on the official site of your real estate business define your credibility. You must add authentic contact numbers where your customers can instantly reach you anytime to get a response or solution to their problems. It promotes transparency and develops a trust level in your clients.

Improve the Navigation

Your site’s navigation must not look like a nightmare to the visitors. Make sure that when anyone clicks on your ad, it takes them to your official page to match what they searched for in the browser. It must be a quick and easy process to help the clients find the right product or service with a few clicks. On the other hand, if the client keeps wandering around different websites, it might piss them off, and they would remember your ad as something they “must not” click.

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