Practical Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents to Stand Out from Their Competitors

The competition in the real estate industry is real. You must know that it has become a buyer-focused market, so you must do everything possible to sell a property. It doesn’t only require you to post a listing into the MLS, but you must also have the best marketing strategies and ideas to ensure that your properties attract potential buyers.

Here are the ten most practical marketing tips to help real estate agents stand out from their competitors in the market.

Improve Networking

You must improve your networking by going to local real estate meetups. It will help you attract those potential buyers who are unaware of new listings in the real estate market. Such buyers rely on their agents, so they don’t look for the properties on MLS. 

So, ensure you attend as many events, meetups, or gatherings as possible, as you might get lucky enough to meet the right buyer for your property. This way, you will also learn about real estate professionals’ different preferences or demands to find the best fit for you. Remember, it is a relationship-based and buyer-focused business, so you must attend the meetups regularly to know more people.

Upload Photos

Photos have the power to influence the minds of potential buyers. Most of them are looking for something that impresses them at first sight. So, you must consider investing in professional pictures of real estate properties. A good photographer would know all about the right angles, lighting, and other essential aspects of capturing the perfect photos. Moreover, the images highlight the best features of the property. So, if you want your listing to stand out, add beautiful images. You can also get editing services from a professional photographer to enhance the beauty of pictures.

Focus on User Experience

You must improve your website’s layout, structure, design, etc. to give your users the best experience. The visitor must not remember navigating your site as a nightmare. So, you must create ease and convenience for the users to make your website, services, and customer support as smooth as possible.

Do Your SEO

If you have a great website but your target audience can’t find it online, it’s of no use. You must optimize your site to make sure it ranks higher in search results. It will include everything from on-page and off-page SEO to backlinking and keyword targeting. You can also hire a professional expert to ensure that the SEO of your listing and website is on point.

Use Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms play a vital role in real estate marketing. The most common platforms are Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, which you can use to create your accounts, upload posts regularly, develop a connection with your target audience, and find relevant users interested in buying the properties. However, make sure you post informative content and use proper hashtags to effectively let social media serve its purpose.

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is another practical marketing tip that can help pique buyers’ interest. It will give them a sneak peek into different properties. It will also save a lot of time and money that you would have spent otherwise in staging the property physically. According to a report, virtual staging improves the chances of home selling by 6–25%, so you must take advantage of it to do better than your competitors.

Ask for Referrals

Many buyers and sellers get referrals for real estate agents from friends, family members, or relatives. So, you must start asking for referrals from your past clients. Even after you have closed the deal with buyers, follow up with them to know how they are doing in their new homes. It would help you connect with them, and they will be okay with giving your referrals to the people they know. You can also send a referral request in an email. You can even host a party and invite all your past clients to it with their friends and family. This way, you can meet a lot more potential buyers.

Measure Performance

You can only achieve your goal in marketing if you keep a check and balance on the performance of your business. It will help you analyze different methods, strategies, or tools to grow your business. This way, you can also make necessary changes to improve the outcomes.

Make Emotionally Appealing Ads

You must make such ads for your target audience which are emotionally appealing to them. Use the power of words appropriately to get more eyeballs on your ads. The ad copy must include those words or phrases which can help market with emotions. You can also get a list of emotional trigger words and use them correctly to connect with the audience.

Get Seasonal

You can adjust your plans according to the season to keep your ads, posts, and listings relevant. Follow the social awareness themes to come up with some creative ideas. It is the best way to keep the audience engaged and get more eyeballs on your properties.

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