Recent Harvist Updates: 2023-03-23

Hey everyone!

Here at Harvist International HQ, we had a realization the other day: we’ve been adding lots of cool features and functionality and not letting anyone know.

The solution? We’re booting up a series of regular articles to update everyone with what we’re doing. Here’s the first one.

Let’s jump into some recent updates —

We have been implementing various features to reduce the bounce rate of the emails we send out. The bounce rate used to be 20%, but we have reduced it to 3% over the last 7 days, and with various other techniques we’re implementing, we expect to reduce it to 2% over the next 6 weeks.

Previously, all custom postcard uploads had to be 6×11. But now, custom uploaded postcards can be 6×9 or 6×11.

There is now a feature where agents can choose to never send out voicemails. Instead, an extra email will be sent. This is for all the agents who don’t like sending voicemails at all!

Our Notice of Default functionality is live. Now, you can target only homes that have received an NOD over the last 3 months. Since NODs move very quickly, this is a special type of campaign that lasts 3 months, has 12 touches over those 3 months (about 1 touch per week!), and costs $5 per month. There are different templates to use with language just targeting owners who have received NODs!

And here’s a peek at some other new features we’re working on but have not yet launched:

  • Sharing some of the data about the usage in graphical format so you can see how many people are clicking on links or scanning the QR code more easily.
  • Uploading more template designs to choose from!
  • Agents will soon be able to add their own custom disclaimers to postcards.

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