Weird and Funny Things Sellers Take with Them at Close

The contract for buying and selling a home doesn’t include the possession of the tiniest things. A lot of funny incidents happen by the time sellers leave their homes. They take the weirdest and funniest things with them which can get the buyers wondering and laughing at the same time. You can read a lot of such funny instances here on Reddit

We’ve also curated a list for you, so if you ever get into buying a home, you will know which things you should expect to go missing!


Sellers are most likely to take doorknobs with them. Maybe it has a sentimental value? We’ll never know!


It’s best to get your hands on lights already if you are planning to move into a home after buying it. Don’t expect a well-lit home upon moving in as the seller might have already packed up all the lights. So, buy your favorite lights beforehand and take them with you. In case the seller leaves the lights intact, they are most likely to go out soon! Trust me, your fresh purchase is not going to waste.

Staging Furniture

Don’t underestimate the sellers at any point in the ongoing process. Even the realtor might not have it in mind that he would have to explain the ownership of staging furniture which buyers have already paid for. The wildest things like this can happen, so make sure you take your safety measures and get everything included in the written contract.

Wall Cabinets

Not even in your wildest imaginations can you think that a seller can take cabinets with them which, mind you, are attached to the wall! Well, that’s both funny and sad because it will cost the buyer a significant amount of money to get new ones. But again, who can predict the emotions of the seller? He might keep the cabinet with him while sleeping, eating, or doing everything just to be reminded that he just sold his home. (Sorry but it sounds quite funny :P) Kidding aside, just be wary of this.

Door with Stickers

Well, if the stickers aren’t ready to leave the door, what about taking the entire door with you? Sounds funny and unbelievable, right? But a seller doesn’t care. He thinks he has the right to take everything with him – except the foundation of the home, of course!


The seller can take the entire kitchen including the sink, taps, cabinets, appliances, or everything else. Sounds bizarre? Truth be told, there have been such incidents where the seller dismantled the kitchen, put it on the truck, and left like he didn’t give a damn. The buyer cannot do much about it if he hasn’t already mentioned everything in the contract beforehand.


You can’t ensure the availability of electricity in the new place you are moving in, so what about taking the switches with you at least? Yes, you read that right. Some sellers end up taking all the switches from their homes leaving messed-up wires behind. On the buyer’s side, it surely takes a lot of time, money, and energy to get that fixed, but who cares? The seller was badly in need of switches, so he got them. Simple! *wink*

Trees and Plants

While it may sound ridiculous, sellers are capable of digging the ground and leaving a huge hole behind in the garden to take their trees and plants with them. Who doesn’t want an eco-friendly environment? You can’t create one – no problem. Take it with you from the old home that you sold to someone else. It is funny yet permissible to do because at the end of the day, who’s going to add the trees and plants in the contract as a buyer?


Taking your mail with you is so yesterday. Today, sellers take the entire mailbox with them! They don’t want their mails to feel homesick without their mailbox. So obviously, they care for them. Don’t judge as you might try doing the same when you leave your home next time!


Chandeliers are expensive, but they are mostly included with other things in the home as they are fixed in place. However, some sellers won’t mind taking their chandeliers with them in the end. So, I repeat, ADD EVERYTHING IN THE CONTRACT! 


Buyers get confused usually with the strange and funny behaviors of sellers. Instead of getting mad, they are more likely going to laugh out loud first. You might not notice that the faucets are missing at first, but later on, you’ll realize that they aren’t just hidden in a tiny box anywhere in the home.They are, however, gone for good. Adios! I wonder what a good excuse could be to take a faucet with you?

Bathroom Mirrors

Well, you can get a new face nowadays but not a mirror. Sounds astonishing? But that’s true. Sellers can take bathroom mirrors with them, and the buyer would end having to buy new ones to get them installed.

Smoke Detectors

After moving into your new home, you might notice all of a sudden that the smoke detectors which you saw initially on the walk-through are now gone. You might see the weirdest kind of sellers but still not expect this from them. This is happening all around though, and you will get to hear so many more similar incidents.

Now that you know what things a seller can take with them, don’t just take the measures as a buyer but also try to be a better seller for someone else!

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