What’s the philosophy behind Harvist?

Every team and every company needs a world-view; without world-view, why are we even here?

Before we describe our worldview to y’all, I first want to remind you of our mission:


To make the lives of real estate agents easier, enhancing their income and helping them have an excellent quality of life.


In other articles we’ll dive into the mission, but these also form the foundation of our worldview. The triple-E-s. Everything we do is to make you, dear agent, have an easier job, to enhance your income, and to help you achieve an excellent quality of life.

Building on this core, we add a few more E-s to the mix:

We value ethics deeply in our souls, and we will treat every client, partner, vendor, or anyone we work with, with the ethical behavior we expect them to treat us with as well.

We value enjoying the process of building this project and this team, savoring this time we have together.

What all of these boil down to, perhaps, is that our little team of agents-and-technologists, we put our heart into what we do, and we’re putting our heart into this project. And the heart-felt attitude is embodied (oh! another ‘e’ word!) in every little decision we make.

We are building the platform that we ourselves want to use–and building it in the way that we would want it to be built.

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